Top 5 Misconceptions About Arts Students


“Oh my god! Why are you taking arts?”

“But beta, you scored so well in boards. Shouldn’t you be taking up science?”

“I know you’re taking up arts because you simply want to enjoy and not study.”

Haven’t we all been a victim of the stereotyped thinking that says that arts is simply one field that’s taken up by people who don’t wish to do anything great in life and are studying just for the sake of it? Who’s put this notion in everyone’s heads that Arts is a field for backbenchers, underachievers or basically, losers? Some even go with the ideology that the field is for women and that it’s a convenient course for women because it provides you with an easy degree as you’re not going to be working anyway. But we all know that this is just a stupid ideology people have been conditioned to think because of everyone else’s thinking and because of what we’ve heard and seen since we were born.

Here I’m going to list down a few misconceptions about arts, as a stream and people who choose that stream and list down a few ways to eradicate the false thinking or at least put forth the reality that arts is not after all what they’ve been thinking all their lives.

Arts, problems

It is Arts. Not Fine Arts!-

“Oh. So do you paint and draw?” NO. I don’t paint, neither do I draw. At least not because it’s in my curriculum.  It is the biggest misunderstanding or rather a misconception that it is similar to fine arts. Those are two completely different things. Fine arts is applied arts which basically includes everything that’s got to do with the creative side along with the skill of one’s hands. While Arts as a stream on the other end is an umbrella term that covers a lot of various subjects and career opportunities like Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Literature etc. The best way to make people understand the difference is by showing them the various subjects provided by each other and making them understand the difference between the terms ‘visual arts’ and ‘fine arts’. You can also give them an example of a few fine arts institutes along with a few Arts (humanities) providing colleges or give them an example of various artists along with an example of few psychologists/writers/sociologists and then explain the difference to them. -This video gives a brief idea of the difference between the two courses. 

Arts, problems
Oslo National Academy of The Arts

Arts is a field for all genders-

Simply because you think arts has no scope or it has courses that give more “work-from-home’ options, you think it’s a feminine course? You couldn’t possibly be more wrong.  Arts has a wide array of options that no one was ever aware of. It’s like discovering the 97% undiscovered parts of the ocean. It is a highly misunderstood stream that’s highly burdened by false stereotyped thinking of people who form their judgments based on partially correct facts. Living in the 21st century, we very well know that no occupation is gender-restricted and that people have a very open thinking when it comes to taking up any occupation. So next time someone tries to shun your spirit by saying arts is a very feminine stream, recite the names of a few influential male personalities who have graduated from arts because there are many. Wilhelm Wundt, a man is considered to be the father of psychology. Almost every economist that you can think of is a male. So arts is not a women’s stream unlike what people say.

It is not a very laid-back stream-

People with such thinking have no idea how much one needs to study when it comes to arts. You could say one literally swims in books and projects in arts. It’s a wrong notion that it is a chilled-out stream because the majority of the subjects in arts are theoretical subject which requires a lot of studies and in-depth knowledge about everything. I have a few friends who are pursuing literature and so far they have been neck deep in books and novels trying to learn and develop a pattern of writing and understanding what goes through one’s mind when writing something. Every sociology student needs to dissect every social organization and learn the culture, traditions, behaviour and understand the root cause of every social problem that arises before deciding a solid and foolproof solution for it. These were just two examples but I’m sure everyone’s got a fair idea of how cumbersome and lengthy arts can get. Hence, before anyone says anything about arts next time, show them the pile of books you’re drowning in and tell them of all the complicated things you have to study and understand to help them know that arts is, after all, a very lengthy and a deep subject.

Arts, problems
The Manila Times

Your scores don’t decide your aptitude for arts-

Every profession needs skilled and talented people. So It is completely wrong to think that people who score less are made for arts. Firstly, your previous scores do not decide your aptitude for anything that you wish to study. Secondly, there is no official rule that people with good scores should abstain themselves from choosing the stream of arts. Arts is a theoretical subject with one of the deepest, knowledgeable which requires an uttermost understanding of various concepts. So the notion that one doesn’t need to be smart to take up is arts is not true at all. If you’re ever told to take up science because you scored well or take arts because you didn’t, ask them how will the monetary factors of our country get discussed (economists) or how will people suffering from mental health issues come out of their problems (psychologists) or how will one break the language barricade without having the correct knowledge of languages from the right person? (language professors). All these issues are very important and they will get sorted by people who graduate from arts so it is quite necessary for them to know what they are doing and if they’re good at it.

Arts is a highly misunderstood stream which is now emerging as the new chosen field. People are understanding its importance and are breaking out of the mainstream clutches of science and commerce. It is hence a good news for all the people out there who think creatively but at the same time apply equal logic because arts is just the field for them.

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