Machine learning is the field of computer science that allows machines to learn (improve their performance) with little to no human intervention. The applications of machine learning are widespread and far-reaching, ranging from personalised virtual assistants to self-driving cars. A machine learning internship will give you the opportunity to progress in the field and get exposure all at once.

Here’s how you can bag a machine learning internship or even a machine learning job!

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Deep-dive Into Job Hunting

You can start by taking a look at generic job sites like Glassdoor, Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder. Your search will be incomplete if you don’t log into LinkedIn. In the search bar of the sites mention, type ‘machine learning internship’. These sites also allow you to set a geographic location so you can find internships or jobs near you. If this doesn’t work out, you can even log onto internship-specific sites like LetsIntern, HelloIntern and Twenty19 as these sites specifically cater to interns and entry-level job-seekers. Look for message boards or sites that are specific to machine learning.

Attend Career Fairs

Some colleges are known to host career fairs so their students can have easy access to internship opportunities. Find out if your college hosts any such fairs. If not, you can log onto education fair sites like Afairs and Enggwave to stay updated about the latest career fairs happening across India. Career fairs are a great option for finding internships because you can make a personal impression on the recruiter and ask questions about the position. Make sure to ask the recruiter relevant questions related to your field. Ask what kind of work you’ll be doing during the internship, what kind of opportunities it could lead to, and what the company culture is like. Think of how you want the conversation with your recruiter to flow. Carry a resume, dress nicely, and exude confidence at the fairs so you make a good impression and land an internship in your desired field.

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Get Started with Analytics and then Transition to Machine Learning

Companies like Mu Sigma and Fractal Analytics indulge in a lot of general analytics work. These companies are okay with hiring freshers as they do not expect prior relevant work experience for junior positions. Also, it is easier to move from Data Analytics to Data Science or Machine Learning. Hence, these could be great starting points for your career.

Showcase Your Independent Projects

The best thing about Machine Learning is that it has a variety of applications. You can  showcase your independent projects on sites like Github. But while you’re at it, make sure there aren’t any half-done projects included in your portfolio. Incomplete projects scream to the world that you are not capable of finishing what you have started. Take up small projects as opposed to flashy ones so you can complete them in a timely fashion and include them in your portfolio before you apply for an internship or a machine learning job.

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Follow the Top Machine Learning Companies

Make sure you regularly follow theose companies that regularly hire for ML related jobs. Some of these include Flipkart, Myntra, Freecharge, Samsung, Microsoft, SocialCops and Haptik. Following them will heloso that you stay updated on vacancies. You can even send them a few independent projects you’ve worked on and completed. Or best, create a project which could be specifically useful for them. Your dedication to their institution might impress them.

Do Your Prep For A Machine Learning Internship

Unlike an internship in advertising or marketing where you can faff your way through most part of an interview, you cannot do the same if you’re trying to bag an internship in machine learning. Of course, as an intern or even as an employee, you won’t have to lay down a complete solution to a problem that the company has been trying to solve for months or even for years. But, you still need to do your research before you appear for the interview. Read about the projects the company is currently working on and the challenges they are facing. By clearly understanding the requirements of your role, you’ll be able to contextualize your value to the company. Show a genuine interest and curiosity in the company’s problems. This way you’ll be able to prove that you’re worthy of the internship or even a machine learning job!

The best way to ace a machine learning interview is by understanding why there is an opening in a company and to prepare accordingly. Here are the most common questions asked at a machine learning interview. Make sure to read them up so you aren’t caught unaware!

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