We all have been burdened by hefty tuitions right from our school days and it has continued in every academic institution that we have been a part of. It’s almost like education has now become a business with the authorities treating this source of knowledge as a source of earning their profits. Agreed that in this era, nothing is free and a bare minimum should be charged for all the services including teaching. Even though various charges are included in the overall tuition, it has become unaffordable in recent times. We all are entitled to a basic education but at this rate, it will get tougher and tougher to meet ends simultaneously and be able to pay for education. However, there are a few countries that have a very negligible or even free tuition and award a degree that is accepted in all countries across the globe. Before listing the names of such countries, let me give you a gist of what the term ‘tuition’ means.

What is Tuition?

Tuition is basically a fee that is charged by any educational institution for education, instructions or other services. It consists of various basic charges like teaching, library charges, basic medical insurance, examination charges etc. Governmental institutions charge minimum tuition as they are funded and the majority of the cost is subsided. However, almost all private institutions are likely to charge exorbitantly for all their services.

More Of Knowledge, Less Of Tuition.

There are a number of countries that provide free or almost free education or charge a minimum tuition fee to both domestic and international students.


In 2014, Germany’s 16 states abolished tuition fees for an undergraduate programme. All domestic and international students studying at any private universities of Germany had the privilege of receiving mostly free education, with just a bare minimum fee to be paid to cover administrative purposes. Later in 2016, one state re-introduced tuition fee for non-EU students. However, other institutes still provide free education.

More Of Knowledge, Less Of Tuition.


Another beautiful country with no tuition at all levels including undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. Students might have to pay a small amount for examination fees but apart from that, it’s free in almost all institutes.


          Not all education in France is free. However, it’s considerably less than the UK and the cost of living is comparatively very cheap. Even though there aren’t many institutions that provide courses in English, some research might yield decent results.


If you opt to study in one of the 4 public universities of Iceland, there is no tuition fee. However, there is an annual registration fee that you need to pay at the beginning of the year along with a small application fee if you’re a non-EU student.

Czech Republic

       Czech Republic is the cheapest country in Western Europe as far as the cost of living is concerned. Students willing to study in the Czech language are exempted from tuition fees. Tuition for English students is affordable and starts from 300 Euros per semester.

More Of Knowledge, Less Of Tuition.


Italy has comparatively lower tuition than the UK when it comes to public universities. Cost of living is not necessarily cheap but international students are now eligible for scholarships that aid the cost.


India provides education with a fraction of UK’s tuition and has a low cost of living. Moreover, India has a plethora of universities and the cost of living for the same is very low. 

More Of Knowledge, Less Of Tuition.

One can choose any of the above countries to pursue their education without feeling the burden of loans taken from the banks to pay of those hefty charges. Institutions in these countries (especially Public) provide an education that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. So go ahead and start filling your application forms and study what you’ve dreamt of without worrying about your bank balance.

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