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Every aspirant does 80% similar things. Ever wondered what separates the preparation of top scorers from theirs? Well, we know ;

Over the course of 10 step by step lessons, we will teach you what no one else does. Not just what to study, but HOW to. We will take you from a stage of doubts and questions to a stage of complete clarity and confidence on how to prepare for GMAT, topper style.

Topics we will Cover

Understanding the GMAT

Establishing a Target Score

Reviewing your Position

Best Resources to Use

Making a Study Plan

Test Strategies

Study Hacks

Selecting Classes

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Shronit Ladhani is the Founder of CareerNinja, a NASSCOM backed Edu-Tech Venture. He scored 760 in his GMAT, getting a V42 and the halo'd Q51. Previously he also topped the Maharashta State CET exam with a 199/200. An Engineer...


Abhay Gupta

GMAT: 730 Q50V38

Texas A&M, ISB

Tarun Kumar

GMAT: 700 Q49V37

IMT Ghaziabad

Tarang Gupta

GMAT: 780 Q49V50


Richa Shrivastava

GMAT: 740 Q49V41


Saurabh Prabhakar

GMAT 690: Q49V35

IE Business School

Srinidhi Ranganathan

GMAT: 720 Q49V38

Duke University

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Amogh Rao

Exactly what I needed to get going. Perfectly summarised.

Nikita Bhargava

It was written very nicely. Gives me a great idea from where I should start and how to proceed. Thanks.

Rishab Mishra

Well written! Is a great guide to people who want to start or have started studying for the exam.

Rydel Dcosta

Loved it! Got me motivated, shows me that a 750+ is possible!

Shreya Kulkarni

This is awesome! Very helpful for someone who just started preparing.

Vishwas Soholkar

The is really helpful. Thanks for all the insights and suggestions.

Vivek Singh

Very nice. Was much needed to kickstart my preparation.

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Stop Wondering, Start Learning!

Q1. What is GMAT?

Well, that is one of the topics we will cover in this course as to master the GMAT you must truly understand it. Simply put, the GMAT is an aptitude test you give so as to apply to most of the top management schools across the world. The GMAT measures your analytical and problem-solving skills along with others that are considered vital to management success. A great GMAT score is often looked at as the gateway to a great MBA application (though there is a lot more to it).

Q2. Why should I take this course?

In one line: If you really care about a great GMAT score and ensuring that you do justice to your preparation.
This course curates and sources some of the best tips, strategies and information from across toppers personal experiences and the internet and pieces it together into a step by step actionable guide. It will handhold you from the “ I want to give the GMAT but don’t know how to start” to “I know exactly what I need to do and what strategies I can use to prepare and kill it in my GMAT”.

Q3. Is that it? Or are there more reasons to take this course?

We wanted this to be a surprise, but if you must know then, yes there is much more! With this course, you can receive a never-seen-before detailed compilation of the debriefs and strategies of various top scorers studying in the MBA schools you dream of being in.
Also, you stand the chance to have a one on one call with them to ask questions/doubts while getting a 50$ Amazon gift card for registering for the GMAT test. You can also win free GMAT books and the entire 250$ cashback of your test registration fee. We will try to not stop there and also may help find you a buddy to prepare with, amongst other things.

Q4. What is CareerNinja?

We all know that what we need much more than what we learn in college to be truly successful in life. CareerNinja looks at providing just that.
CareerNinja is a NASSCOM backed edu-tech venture which aims at helping Indian youth increase their exposure and build their work readiness along with much-needed life-skills. It does this by providing content and courses that inspire, educate and guide youth to become more successful not only in their professional and academic life but also in their personal and social life.

Q5. Difference between this and other courses?

This course is about helping you work smart, not just hard. Every test taker spends hours learning quant formulae, verbal rules and giving mocks. But there is something that the top scorers do differently and this course is about discovering that. Here we will not be teaching you Verbal or Quant. There is enough content out there for that. But what we will do is guide you to all the best resources you need, help you truly understand the GMAT, and build your preparation, reviewing and test-taking strategies so that you can score to the best of your abilities.

Q6. What other resources do you suggest for GMAT preparation?

Well, why don’t you start the course and find out for yourself? We’ve listed them all out for you.

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