Here’s Why Happiness Absolutely Deserves You

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Happiness looks good on everyone!

Our state of happiness or unhappiness colours everything. Happiness, and how we conceive it, matters. We all think we know what happiness feels like. As with all emotions, it is difficult to describe—we just use different words to say the same thing: I’m happy, okay, alright, content, not unhappy, relaxed, not stressed, not worried. So what is it actually?

What is happiness?

This question has been asked for thousands of years. There is no easy answer, as happiness is simply a state of mind. Happiness is more than just a moment of joy – it’s a long-lasting feeling that means you are content with your life.

Why happiness deserves you and you deserve it!

Happy people perceive the world as safer and feel more confident. They make decisions, cooperate more easily, and are more tolerant. They savour their positive past experiences without dwelling on the negative and are more socially connected. They live healthier and more energised and satisfied lives.

When your mood is gloomy, life as a whole seems depressing and meaningless. You think more skeptically and attend more critically to your surroundings.

Look around you. You’ll find people that fit into one of the two categories: people who are genuinely happy and people who are genuinely sad.

How to be happy:

1. Practice gratitude

Make lists of things you are grateful about. You could do this anywhere, anytime. You could include your family, friends, school, college, your pet, your favourite song, just about anything that you are happy to have in your life.

2. Love yourself

Just the way charity begins at home, love starts from you. Show yourself the same kindness, love and generosity you should show to a friend.

Happy girl looking at the sky
Love starts with you!
3. Adopt a healthy mindset

Meditate, practice mindfulness, pay attention to the details and surroundings. You are the creator of your happiness. You have the power of your life, so use it to your advantage.

4. Forgive others

Holding on to the past would only fill you up with grudges and regrets. Forgive yourself and others.

5. Be compassionate

Tutor, volunteer and help others. You’ll feel more content with your life. You can offer to help your friend with that subject you are good at, donate your clothes, or just simply talk to the introvert of your class. It could make their day.

6. Make plans with friends and family

This way you would always have something to look forward to. Anticipation itself will make you happy. Go out for dinner or a movie this weekend with friends or family.

7. Sleep more and eat healthy

You must have heard this so many times but this is actually the simplest and most basic thing to do. Take care of yourself and be blessed with a disease free life and a strong body.

These are some things that do not take much time and you can incorporate them easily into your daily schedule. So don’t wait anymore. Go live a happy life!

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