Thanks to the advances in technology, the internet has become a global village. It has now become imperative for businesses to have a digital presence. This has led to web development becoming one of the hottest career options of the 21st century all over the world, including India.

The time is ripe for a web developer to thrive and grow as a professional. So if you’ve been eyeing this career for some time, now’s the time to get started. As a web developer, there are some blogs you should absolutely follow to learn, update your skills, and stay on top of the trends in web development.

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1. (Srinivas Tamada’s Tech Blog)

Founded by an engineer, blogger and thinker Srinivas Tamada, 9Lessons aims to explain complicated things in a simple way. His blogs have picked up a great deal for those who are into programming and developing. His articles on PHP, Ajax, JQuery have proved to be very helpful even to the beginners.

2. Site Point

SitePoint is a large community of developers and has content on everything you need to learn as a web developer. Their writers are versatile and experienced and the most commonly discussed topics are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and WordPress.

Although it’s more of an online learning platform than a blog, it’s a great place to find tons of in-depth articles on web development technologies.

3. David Walsh

David Walsh is a 33-year-old senior web developer from Mozilla who manages a tutorial-style, extremely practical blog on front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and back-end technologies like Python, PHP, and Node.JS. His blog teaches concepts to aspiring web developers through demos and examples.


This web development blog offers coding courses, written posts, and JavaScript glossary. The content ranges on various topics like React, Vue, Angular, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Laravel etc. focusses on providing insightful tutorials.

5. A List Apart

A List Apart blog focusses on a carefully-researched and edited articles on cutting-edge topics in the web industry relevant to Web design, Development, Content, User experience etc. This blog site has a minimalistic UI and is easier to navigate around. The authors at A List Apart also write books and run events.

6. Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine is a web development blog that has been around for over 11 years and you’ll find articles on almost everything related to web development such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, and much more.

7. CSS-Tricks

Back in 2007 when CSS was a hot topic in the world of web development, CSS-Tricks was launched to explore the various concepts about CSS. Since then, the blog has grown to cover more areas of web development as PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery. Plus, it’s fun to read!

8. CSS Author

If you are a coder who likes to develop a eye-catchy and attractive website, then CSS Author is the blog you should be following. It offers free templates, design inspirations, resources on coding languages as well as free WordPress themes.

9. Web Design Ledger

This is a publication written by web designers for web designers. Web Design Ledger aims to share knowledge and resources related to web design. Topics range from design templates and themes, to interviews with designers and developers. The blog also covers articles on content management systems (WordPress & Drupal) and development topics like PHP, jQuery, Javascript, NodeJS etc.

10. Web Designer Depot

On Web Designer Depot, one can find all-sorts of articles from in-depth to tutorials. The blog aims at sharing not only articles related to web design and development but also on topics like latest trends and technique, business and tech, search and marketing etc.

11. Tutorialzine

As its name suggests, Tutorialzine focuses on tutorials. One can sign up free and join the community of talented developers. There is a forum for discussing all things related to web development, programming and technology. One can browse articles on a plethora of subjects like HTML, react, SQL, responsive design etc. The website also provides resources on libraries and free templates.

12. GeeksforGeeks

Founded by IIT Roorkee alumnus Sandeep Jain, GeeksforGeeks is for all the computer science geeks out there! It offers various helpful content on coding as well as preparing for an interview in tech field. One can also practice coding based on data structures and algorithms. There is also quiz section for various topics.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to these blogs and embark on a successful career in web development.

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