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Union Budget 2018: What Does It Mean For Students?

The Union Budget is trending and everyone is using complicated jargon to discuss it. Good or bad, it's the young citizens of this nation...
enjoy the vibe at Symphony with red bull and Biswa

Why you Should Spend this Weekend at Symphony 2018

College festivals are an escape from the monotony of everyday life and along with internships, they are the most opportunistic time for students to...
Cutting Chai

5 Reasons To Visit Cutting Chai 2018

We know that they exist, we know that there is no way to ignore them. Yet, only a select few have the pleasure of...

Best Things to Carry Abroad to Feel Less Homesick

When my sister left for her masters abroad, she was really excited about it. However, as soon as she stepped into another country, her...
Bumping fists

First Time Leader? Here’s How to Overcome the Initial Challenges

Leadership is not easy, particularly when you're young and nobody taught you how to be a leader in college. Now, you suddenly find yourself...

How To Achieve Anything In 30 Days

“The new year is a promise of hope, change, and new beginnings”. Cliche? Yes. But the thing about cliches is, they’re true. C’mon, all...

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