Turn Your Passion Into A Profession In These Simple Ways


Passion is a constituent of every individual. It is invariably what drives us to get up every morning, what makes our life meaningful, etc.  Now that you have established as to what your passion is, your life has become so much more fruitful. However, having a passion alone is not enough. It is also important that you figure out how to make something out of it and turn it into a profession. After all, what is the use of passion if you’re unable to channel it in a particular profession or if others are unable to enjoy the fruits of your talent? The conundrum of passion is whether you can make it into a profitable profession especially if one is the creative field. Well, after all, money is a necessity, right?  In today’s technological world, this transition should be easy considering the fact that so many outlets are available to individuals to channel their passion. However, there are still so many people who are unaware of how they could make their passion more profitable. So if you are one of these folks, don’t worry! I will show you how you could effectively turn your passion into a profession!

Turn Your Passion Into A Profession In These Simple Ways

Be Clear About Your Passion:

For starters, you must be clear about what your passion is. (Just in case you’re having trouble figuring where your passion lies, check out: A Guide To Discovering Your Passion This Summer) Now it goes without saying that in order to turn your passion into a career, it is imperative that you have a certain level of proficiency in it. Only when you’re aware of your strengths and limitations, can you think about think about monetizing your passion, right? So before doing anything else, jot down the things you’re most passionate about and see which ones you’re the most skilled at. Remember that you’ve got to be honest with yourself and that passion is not the same as proficiency.

Align Your Passion With What You’re Good At:

In many cases, people pick industries on no other criteria other than the moolah that it would garner rather than where they can flourish the best. At the end of the day, the more authentic your content is, the more likely that people will enjoy and relate to it. Like I’ve said before, one must look to choose their stream on the basis of what they actually enjoy doing rather than what might seem more profitable at the moment. Truth be told, if a creator is unique and captivating enough, a niche market can always be created. Try creating a Venn Diagram, just like the one below:

Turn Your Passion Into A Profession In These Simple Ways

A Yellow Legal Pad Of Pros & Cons:

Every passion ranging from making covers of popular music on YouTube to doing political commentary, each field has its very own challenges. Therefore, you ought to weigh these pros and cons of the stream you’re going to choose before embarking on your passion. Also, you need to think about the demographic that you are targeting. So, I would suggest drawing out a comprehensive plan while pursuing your passion as a career.

Turn Your Passion Into A Profession In These Simple Ways

Make Your Product Customer Friendly:

At the end of the day, you must realize that you create content for an audience. So, it would really help to think about what your audience may look like. You could start by thinking of a character that represents your potential audience. You must give your audience a name; describe every detail of their pain, their hopes, their fears and their current situation… down to even aspects like educational background and where they like to shop?  This will give you a picture of what your audience wants and then, tailor your marketing message accordingly.

Work A Marketing Plan:

If you want to profit in any way from your business, then you’ve got to create a marketing plan. In today’s world of social media, there are innumerable platforms available to you regardless of whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Apart from this, you must also send e-mails to your potential customers.

You must create a database of people you can e-mail (snail mail) and build a relationship with them. Understand that building contacts are everything and you ought to get in touch with those who could help your cause. The key is to get your audience involved in creating the product that you put out by taking their desires and needs into account.

Therefore, it has been established that having a passion alone is not enough. You just ought to know how to make a career out of it! However, many are unaware as to how you could turn your passion into a profession. By taking a few steps, you could very well be the next Philip De Franco or Boyce Avenue. So why wait when you can create!

If you need help discovering your passion, here’s a very simple guide: A Guide To Discovering Your Passion This Summer

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