10 Best NGO’s To Work In!


Always wondered which are the best NGO’s to work in? Well, the perception of best differs from person to person and it could be a little baffling to see different results across different websites. But, you can now put that argument to rest. Here are 2017’s ten best NGO’s to work in, a list which is put up by the organization Great Place to Work In. It’s specific to India and is the most reliable source of assessment. Major names in the media industry like Fortune, Economic Times, and the Globe also rely on this.

The NGO’s are:

  1. Bharti Foundation
    10 Best NGO’s To Work In!






Bharti Foundation is a philanthropic extension of Bharti Enterprises. They work towards empowering children from deprived backgrounds across India. Midday meals, setting up libraries and learning centers as well as schools are a few projects to name. If you believe in a work culture which promotes trust and value for a better future, then this is for you! You can apply for a job here by sending your CV at careers@bhartifoundation.org

  1. Cure International India

Since 2009, this NGO started working towards creating awareness about Clubfoot. Clubfoot is a rare disorder where the feet of the infant grows inwardly and makes it difficult to walk. With the dedication to eradicating clubfoot, Cure International India has several job openings. If you feel that you fit their job requirements, you can send your CV at jobs.india@cure.org

  1. Equitas Development Initiatives Trust

An NGO which works towards empowering the downtrodden, Equitas has changed several lives. Their initiatives include Gyan Kendra, where people learn to do different jobs. Their other initiatives include launching a health helpline and giving employment opportunities to poor people. Along with that they also rehabilitate pavement dwellers. Visit their website for more details! 

  1. Ipas Development Foundation

Making abortions safe in rural areas, this foundation works towards empowering women. Besides, they create awareness about contraceptives in rural areas. The organisation also works towards ending deaths and disability due to pregnancies. If you connect to the cause, drop them your CV hr-india@ipas.org

  1. Make A Difference

10 Best NGO’s To Work In!






Make A Difference works towards empowering children. They educate children living in orphanages and street shelters. Through the medium of education, the organization ensures that children are economically independent to achieve their dreams. Want to work with children and make a difference? Send your CV at careers@makeadiff.in

  1. Parinaam Foundation

10 Best NGO’s To Work In!






This was a foundation set up to empower women in urban and semi-urban areas. Parinaam believes that women need a lot more than financial help to help them be independent. The aim of the foundation is to provide education, healthcare, and community development. They also provide means of livelihood to women belonging to the urban poor section. Feel like you connect to the cause? Send in your CV with a cover letter to info@parinaam.org

  1. Quality Education and Skills Training Alliance

To tackle issues of unemployment, the organization was set up. They have introduced several programmes such as Anandshala and Master Coach. The organization collaborates with different educators and government institutions to bring about a change. If you’re passionate about seeing an educated India, this one is for you. Send your CV to jobs@questalliance.net

  1. Room to Read India Trust

Room To Read works towards educating children in collaboration with government institutions. The organization ensures that quality education is prime. Operating all across the globe, here are some job opportunities you can look at.

  1. SEWA Rural

Working with people from deprived sections to ensure help is what the NGO is about. Irrespective of gender and age, SEWA Rural has different programmes according to everyone. Right from ensuring community health to the rehabilitation of the blind. They have several employment opportunities of different kinds. Visit their website to know more.

  1. SOS Children’s Villages Of India

SOS has set up various villages in India to cater to the need of abandoned and orphaned children. A village set up with houses is the model of the NGO. Each house has ten children who are looked after by an SOS mother. It works towards developing children who will grow and become responsible citizens. If you would like to work in the organization, shoot an email to soscvi@soscvindia.org

And while you’re working in these organizations, you’ll also make a difference in people’s lives. What are you waiting for? Send your CV now!

Also, even though we aren’t exactly an NGO we are a social venture which is driven to help Indian youth like you to be more employable and successful by providing the right kind of learning. So if you want to work for a social cause and are passionate about education, then you can also reach out to us hello@careerninja.in and join us in our mission.

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