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Always up for a binge eating marathon. Heart's always running to the mountains. Books are my solace. So are music, movies, and TV series. Mostly found snoring at random corners of the room. Writing helps me to free the screaming notions of weird things in my mind.

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Yes, Hiring Managers Go Through Your Social Media. Here’s How You...

Just as we dust out the cobwebs from our house, every now and then we need to dust out the cobwebs from our social...

Beware Of These Challenges When You Shift To A City

Small towns are so convenient for living. The lifestyle is simple and things go smoothly. Probably the only problem you shall face is that...

Top Misconceptions About Arts Students

“Oh my god! Why are you taking arts?” “But beta, you scored so well in boards. Shouldn’t you be taking up commerce or science?” “I know...

Career Possibilities In Literature? Don’t Worry, Words Have You Saved.

We often worry about the career possibilities of a person when a literature degree is added to his/her qualification. Especially when the qualification is...

10 Best Countries To Study While Paying Negligible Tuition

We all have been burdened by hefty tuitions right from our school days and it has continued in every academic institution that we have...

Tribute To Avicii: A Glimpse Into A DJ’s Career

Yes, that’s what the name ‘Avicii’ meant, the lowest level of Buddhist hell. Tim Bergling a.k.a. Avicii who has collaborated with dozens of talented artists...
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