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Jayana Charles used to develop content for a craft based website prior to starting out at CareerNinja. She loves reading and writing about career development, education, finance, politics, books, movies and holistic issues. She is currently based out of Bangalore with her family.

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Top 10 Institutes To Get Your Scholarships From

What are scholarships? Are they those magic genies that can print money? Well, not exactly. A scholarship is like a student loan except it doesn't...

Unique Things To Do This Summer Instead Of An Internship

No internship, no cool travel plans, no family business to go work at? Is your summer looking this drab? You keep turning to social...

Remember More And Forget Less With These 10 Strategies

Human memory is quirky, complicated and unreliable. Who does not remember entering the examination hall, only to realize that your brain has emptied itself...

Yes, B. Ed. Has An Entrance Exam

In the recent times, there has been a sudden flood of courses that a student can opt for to become a teacher. The most...
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