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Divya Jalan is a freelance writer from Mumbai. She’s an avid reader and probably the biggest fan of Haruki Murakami. An aspiring teacher, who enjoys speaking and reading French. She adores French movies just as much as Hollywood.

Posts by Divya Jalan

These Songs Are Bound To Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Music is a major part of life and an average person listens to music on a daily basis. Be it on your way to...

Going Through A Heartbreak? These Could Help More Than Your Best...

They say that once you grow up you should write about things that concern the realities of adulthood. Like: love and heartbreak. As magical...

Are you bored? It is for the best

I remember as a child I was not allowed to say that I am bored. My mother never understood what the word “bored” meant....

Obstacles Don’t Define You: 7 Ways To Jump That Hurdle

It’s convenient to think that truly successful people were simply more fortunate from the beginning, that they had the talent, the looks, and the...
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