Didn’t Get Into A College That Your Parents Wanted? What Now?


Oh my God! “What calamity has befallen upon us, how will we face the society? What will people think of you? Look at Mr. A’s son!” WELCOME TO INDIA! We have all been subject to this reaction when we were rejected from our dream colleges, IIT’s And NIT’s. From our dreams of being in the best-med school to our parents bragging about our sharp minds- just because we did something with their phones and their font is bigger now-, we grew up!

Our society is so stereotypic about colleges and career that once you reach up to SSC level, you’re halfway traumatized by the decisions that the world makes for you, because why not? Your cousin sisters’ friend’s cousin sister is in AIIMS, and your Neighbors’ sisters neighbour is in IIT. So in a bid to show off to people, your parents obviously want your average looking brain to be smart enough. But, it’s okay! If you’re not doing well, it’s not the end!

Rejection is never fun. But getting rejected is a simple fact of life. Even though none of us are immune to being rejected, it’s a hurtful process. While you were having a study schedule of 12*7 and still couldn’t come up to the expectations of your parents but Sharma ji’s beta aced his exams.

The former American president, Barack Obama was rejected from Swarthmore College, but still managed to become a president. What I’m trying to say is that rejection is normal and universal. Your parents wished for you to get into X college and you didn’t, it’s okay. We’re all humans, layoff yourself. But do you know what? Your parents don’t dream of a good college for you, rather they dream of a good career for you.

Know that studying in the college of your dreams will not necessarily land you the world’s best MNCs or make you the Prime Minister. It is your intelligence, determination and hard work that will help you conquer that dream. You also need to understand that Parents are a generation behind us, it’s difficult for them to accept the culture of smartness which has paved off the ways of old concepts of college-oriented placements.

Before feeling guilty about rejections in life, we need to keep some things in mind:

  • You were rejected from your preferred college, not from the course you wish to study. You wouldn’t be assured happiness even if you had made into the college of your parent’s choice.
  • What next? You just got a step behind from a good life, not away from it. You can still have a lot of things in your way which can take you far ahead towards a successful life.
  • Don’t cry over your failure, know that failures are inevitable and it is a chance for you to learn how to deal with challenges. And get this, this isn’t the hardest curve ball life is going to throw at you. You’re going to have a million of these, what’s important is you need to know how to pick yourself up.
  • Look out for loopholes in yourself and assess optimistically what can be changed. Once you accept the causes of your rejections, you will be able to make up for them and start working on them. Believe me, acceptance is it’s the first step to your success.
  • Failures are a sign that you tried and failed. So, know that you’re halfway there.

Before you call yourself a loser, know that it’s very hard to accept a “NO’’ in life, but believe that some things are just bound to happen in life and the creator always set good things for you.

Don’t start to curse your luck yet, know that destiny has a lot in store for you and before you begin to think that you didn’t come up to their expectations, understand that this is the time for you to prove yourself otherwise. Because it’s failures which take you to success and you’re never too old to do anything!

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